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Inside Ring Engraving Fixture

Inside Ring Engraving FixtureInside Ring Engraving Fixture

Inside Ring Engraving Fixture

The Inside Ring Engraving Fixture is no longer sold through this site. Please visit Engraver.com to purchase this item.

This Inside Ring Engraving Fixture is machined from solid brass which makes the tool aesthetically pleasing and adds weight to its mass helping control vibration.

  • 3 adjustment screws with a flexible head make it is easy to hold any ring.
  • 8 threaded holes allow any ring configuration including rings set with stones.

The tool is designed to be held in the vise at any angle while working under a microscope. This way it's not necessary to tilt the vise, which allows less fussing to get the right position.

The wheel holding the ring rotates so you can continually cut without stopping and repositioning.

This is a quality tool that will pay for itself in only a few jobs because of the time savings as well as the ease of use. Inside ring engraving is in high demand, but few offer it.

(Vice pictured is not included.)